Smart Body Fat Scale – Gofit S2


SKU :CGF2022
Color White
Dimentions (LxWxH) 11"L x 11"W x 1.1"H
Material Glass
Weight Limit 180 KGS

About this item

  • MAGIC APP: Fitdays App track the changes of your body composition over days or even years and user-friendly
  • UNLIMITED USERS: Multi-user data storage, up to 24 users.
  • 15 BODY INDICATORS: Weight, skeletal muscle ratio, muscle mass, bone mass, protein, body mass index (BMI), BMR ,…. 
  • BIA technology: with division at 0.2 lb/100g, maximum capacity 400 lb/180kg
  • TEMPERED GLASS: 1.5 times thicker than normal scales, with a maximum 180kg.
  • TURN-OFF AUTOMATICALLY: Saving battery life and increasing battery life.
  • TRACKING BODY PROGRESS: Help tailor your work or lifestyle based on personal health statistics.
  • SHARE WITH FRIENDS: Your measurement can be shared with friends or experts for advice on diet and exercise
  • HIGH ACCURACY: 4 electrode sensors ensure accurate and consistent weighing
  • EASY TO CONNECT APP: Compatible with iOS devices from 8.0 and android from 5.0 easily
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