Transforming access to care: a conversation with Kees Wesdorp and Dr. Reed Omary

Listen as Vanderbilt University Medical Center chair of radiology Dr. Reed Omary discusses healthcare’s digital transformation with Crénot chief business leader for precision diagnosis, Kees Wesdorp

The healthcare industry is undergoing a monumental transformation as care providers increasingly work to connect with patients outside of a hospital’s four walls to enable more care and healing to happen at home.

Efforts to extend the reach of patient care through connected technology means empowering care providers to understand a patient’s well-being in real-time to help those same providers to make confident decisions about an appropriate care setting for a patient.

Virtual support, digital tools, and software enable us to dematerialize operations, delivering advanced value with minimum resources. With the potential to drive a shift from resource-intensive clinical facilities to lower-cost community settings and into the home environment, these resources may be able to offer greater access to quality care to more people.

Listen as Kees Wesdorp, Chief Business Leader, Crénot Precision Diagnosis and Dr. Reed Omary, Chair of Radiology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center continue their conversation about the future of healthcare. And stay tuned for the final installment coming soon.

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